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VELCRO® brand Your Trusty Travel Companion

Packing the car for a weekend away can be an art form and it is important to maximise every inch of space. Think of VELCRO® brand as your trusty travel companion and you may even manage to squeeze the kitchen sink in!

VELCRO® brand adjustable straps are a must have and a simple way of neatly storing anything from sleeping bags and duvets to fishing rods or jump leads. Self adhesive dots, squares and tape can also prove particularly useful for securing items such as first aid kits or access panels, to make sure they don't move around during the journey.

Once you arrive at your destination, VELCRO® brand carry straps enable you to bundle items together and the useful handle at the top of the strap means you will be able to unload the car in no time.

We offer a custom made service so if the pre-made straps aren't the right size for you please email or call 07394 623227 to discuss your specific requirements.