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DIY with VELCRO® brand

Whether you are a seasoned expert or determined newcomer to the world of DIY, you will surely turn to VELCRO® brand for at least one of your home improvement projects.

The range of VELCRO® brand products means the fastener can be used for a variety of purposes, providing quick, simple and cost-effective solutions. So whether it's a matter of applying a quick fix, adding a personal touch to your home or maximising space, VELCRO® brand can help in your quest to become a DIY pro!

Securing Items

Lighter items such as bath panels or notice boards can fixed in place using self adhesive VELCRO® brand hook and loop dots or squares which offer a simple alternative to nails or screws. Alternatively, for heavier items such as large pictures, Heavy Duty Stick On VELCRO®® brand is 50% stronger and holds up to 7kg per 50mm x 50mm square piece.

Adding a Personal Touch

VELCRO® brand can prove particularly useful when it comes to applying more decorative touches to your home. A combination of sew on loop and self adhesive hook can be used when it comes to dressing your windows. Simply stick the self adhesive hook strip to the hard surface and sew the loop strip to the fabric.

Storage Solutions

There are all manner of wires across your home whether it's from the DIY tools themselves or other electronic items such as TV's, computers and music systems. Adjustable VELCRO® brand cable ties or ONE-WRAP® strap are a versatile solution to neatly bundling these unsightly wires together.

For other bulkier items such as duvets, books or fishing rods, adjustable VELCRO® brand straps offer a simple way of bundling and storing items that can be used by the whole family.

Alternatively, here at SCF Supplies we offer a bespoke service which includes cut to length VELCRO® brand or custom straps. For more information, email or call us on 07394 623227