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VELCRO® brand PS18 Adhesive

PS14 is what we regard as VELCRO® brand standard grade adhesive and what is most popular amongst our customers. It is rubber-based with a medium/low tack and works best when used indoors at room temperature.

Like PS14, PS18 is a pressure sensitive adhesive but in this instance is a water-based acrylic polymer. It has high tack, good sheer strength and environmental resistance and therefore, adheres well to most metal and medium/high surface energy plastics.

Its temperature operating range is between -20ºC and +120ºC and can often be seen used in the automotive, computer and medical industries, amongst others.

If you require extra strength, heavy duty VELCRO® brand may be the best solution. Available in black and 50mm wide it incorporates a 50% stronger closure and weather resistant adhesive that can be used indoors and out. It is particularly useful for securing items such as large pictures, wall hangings, rugs, heavy torches and tools and can hold up to 7kg per 50mm square piece.

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