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VELCRO® brand an Educational Resource

VELCRO® brand has a multitude of uses for a range of different needs and this is no more true than in the classroom. VELCRO® brand is an indispensable resource for both teachers and parents who want to create a versatile, interactive and safe learning environment for children.

Whether attaching Velcro® Brand Coins to words to teach basic sentence construction, mounting pictures to the classroom wall with VELCRO® brand Self Adhesive Tape, creating a safe learning environment by bundling wires together with Velcro® Brand Cable Ties or storing bulky items with VELCRO® Brand Adjustable Straps, the versatile tape can meet most classroom requirements.

VELCRO® Brand is particularly beneficial to those working with children who have learning difficulties, providing the versatility and flexibilty required to meet their differing needs.

We are more than happy to accommodate schools with any VELCRO® brand requirements. You do not need to pre-pay. Simply contact us by email at or call us on 07394623227 and we will set up an account for you.

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