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New PRESS-LOK™ Closure Used in US Food Packaging

posted on 12 October 2012 | posted in News

It seems there are no limits to the uses of VELCRO®. The versatile product can be used, in its many different forms, across a broad variety of industries and its latest PRESS-LOK™ closure has been incorporated in to a range of food packaging over in the US.

Velcro Industries has recently announced its partnership with food company Lundberg Family Farms. The US firm has worked with manufacturer, PEEL Plastics Products Ltd. to convert its existing lay-down packaging to a flat-bottom stand up pouch and the PRESS-LOK™ technology has been added to give a more secure and reliable closure to the new style packaging for its organic and Eco-Farmed rice lines.

The VELCRO® Brand PRESS-LOK™ system is a proprietary hook-to-hook technology which is a unique solution in the food industry. It allows the hooks to engage without exact line-up, providing a secure closure that has enough strength to maintain the contents of the package.

Velcro Industries is currently working closely with many consumer packaged groups and pouch converters across Europe so it may not be long before you see it on some of our own food products here in the UK.

Click here for more information and to read the full article regarding this development.


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