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Underwater Future for Velcro?

posted on 15 March 2013 | posted in News

Clever scientists in South Korea have developed a reversible and strong adhesive that works underwater in a similar way to that of Velcro's hook and loop fastener.

The 'chemical velcro" devised by Kimoon Kim and his colleagues at Pohang University of Science and Technology is not only reversible but also proved capable of lifting a 2kg mass in water.

With an increasing demand for new methods of adhesion that have high strength in water for biological applications such as repairing living tissue, there may well be a future for underwater Velcro!

Take a look at the full article in Chemistry World here:

Whilst we don't yet have a Velcro product capable of performing underwater we do offer a Heavy Duty Velcro which can hold 7kg per 50mm x 50mm square piece and is also weather resistant. Click here for more information.


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