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Underwater Future for Velcro?

posted on 15 March 2013 in News

Clever scientists in South Korea have developed a reversible and strong adhesive that works underwater in a similar way to that of Velcro's hook and loop fastener. The 'chemical velcro" devised by Kim...more info >>>

Velcro Cinch Straps Now Available!

posted on 7 March 2013 in News

Velcro brand hook and loop cinch straps are ideal for bundling fibre cables, tubing and hosing. They are also a must for network installers. For more information, please email ...more info >>>

Velcro Twin Packs Now Available!

posted on 20 February 2013 in News

Offering greater flexibility, 20mm Velcro is now available as twin packs in a variety of sizes. Dependent on the Velcro requirement, you can now buy self adhesive hook and loop, sew on hook and loop o...more info >>>

10 Uses for Velcro

posted on 11 February 2013 in News

1. Use self adhesive hook and loop to hang pictures to walls. 2. Attach self adhesive hook to curtain pelmets and sew on loop to curtains.3. Secure self adhesive loop to a pen or pencil and hook to an...more info >>>

Require bulk quantities? We offer competitive prices on 25m rolls of self adhesive and sew on Velcro

posted on 21 December 2012 in News

We have reviewed our competitors to set the best possible prices so if you are interested in our 25 metre rolls of self adhesive or sew on hook and loop Velcro, take a look at our bulk quantity prices...more info >>>

We now stock heavy duty, weather-resistant Velcro!

posted on 26 October 2012 in News

When extra strength is needed, try VELCRO® brand Heavy Duty Stick On. Incorporating a 50% stronger closure and weather resistant adhesive that can be used indoors and out, it is ideal for securing ite...more info >>>

Velcro in Large Quantities - 25m Rolls Now Available By the Case

posted on 17 October 2012 in News

Our 20mm, 25mm and 50mm Velcro rolls are now available by the case. For those requiring larger quantities, buying by the case offers the best value for money. For information and prices, click here....more info >>>

New PRESS-LOK™ Closure Used in US Food Packaging

posted on 12 October 2012 in News

It seems there are no limits to the uses of VELCRO®. The versatile product can be used, in its many different forms, across a broad variety of industries and its latest PRESS-LOK™ closure has been inc...more info >>>

Looking for a cheaper alternative to Velcro?

posted on 26 September 2012 in News

We also stock a full range of hook and loop reclosable fasteners at competitive prices. Visit our sister website for more details.Should you require hook and loop cut to leng...more info >>>

16mm Velcro is now available!

posted on 24 September 2012 in News

We now stock 16mm sew on and self adhesive Velcro. Click on the following links for more information:16mm Sew On Velcro16mm Self Adhesive Velcro ...more info >>>

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