Fact File: Flame Retardant VELCRO® brand

PS14 is what we regard as VELCRO® brand standard grade adhesive and what is most popular amongst our customers. It is rubber-based with a medium/low tack and works best when used indoors at room temperature.

Like PS14, flame retardant PS15 is a pressure sensitive, rubber-based adhesive. By comparison, however, it has excellent tack and a temperature operating range of -15ºC to +60ºC.

Flame retardant VELCRO® brand is also available in sew on and both this and its self adhesive counterpart offer superb fastening strength that allow it to be opened and closed thousands of times.

It also meets strict flammability regulations including F.A.R. 25.853 and MVSS302 and is supplied with accompanying certification. As such, it is often used within aircraft and vehicle interiors as well as on the likes of theatre and stage curtains.

Visit VELCRO® brand dedicated website for further detail on this and other adhesives in its range: www.velcro.co.uk/business/Products/Adhesive-Options.aspx