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    >> Terms and Conditions
    >> What is Velcro? Watch This
    >> Your iPad and Velcro
    >> How to Sew On VELCRO® brand
    >> Schools, Local Authorities and NHS organisations
    >> VELCRO® brand an Educational Resource
    >> VELCRO® Brand Easy Coins: Ideal Choice for More Precise Applications
    >> The Benefits of VELCRO® Brand ONE-WRAP®
    >> VELCRO® brand a Clever Invention
    >> VELCRO® brand Solutions for the Office
    >> Get Creative with VELCRO® brand
    >> DIY with VELCRO® brand
    >>  VELCRO® brand Your Trusty Travel Companion
    >> Fact File: VELCRO® brand PS18 and Other Adhesives
    >> VELCRO® brand Fasteners for the Communications Industry
    >> Fact File: Flame Retardant VELCRO® brand
    >> Company History
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    >> Who Invented VELCRO® brand?

Our Range

    >> Custom Straps
    >> Self Adhesive VELCRO® brand
    >>     >> Heavy Duty (PS51 and PS52 Adhesive)
    >>     >> PS14 Adhesive (Standard)
    >>     >> PS18 Adhesive
    >> Sew On VELCRO® brand
    >> Hook and Loop Self Adhesive
    >> Hook and Loop Sew On
    >> VELCRO® brand Adjustable Straps
    >> Flame Retardant VELCRO® brand
    >>     >> Self Adhesive
    >>     >> Sew On
    >> VELCRO® brand ONE-WRAP.
    >> VELCRO® brand Adjustable Cable Ties
    >> VELCRO® brand Coins
    >> VELCRO® brand - Retail Packs
    >> Coloured Hook and Loop
    >>     >> Self Adhesive
    >>     >> Sew On
    >> Elasticated Loop