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10 Uses for Velcro

posted on 11 February 2013 | posted in News

1. Use self adhesive hook and loop to hang pictures to walls.

2. Attach self adhesive hook to curtain pelmets and sew on loop to curtains.

3. Secure self adhesive loop to a pen or pencil and hook to anywhere you need to keep your pen handy.

4. Bundle category 5 cabling with cable ties.

5. Secure garden plants with green plant ties.

6. Use sew on hook and loop on clothing to close coats and cuffs instead of zips and buttons.

7. Use sew on hook and loop to fasten shoes as an easier alternative to laces!

8. Attach sew on loop to the underside of a rug and self adhesive hook to the floor to keep it in place.

9.Use heavy duty hook and loop to secure tools in your garage.

10. Attach self adhesive loop to your TV remote control and self adhesive hook to rear of the TV.


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